Friday, May 31, 2013

Quinn Update

Quinn is almost 11 weeks old. She is the light of my life on the one hand and the main stresser in my life on the other. Funny how that works. :) The crazy amazing, wonderful cuteness outweighs the minor stress, though! 

She continues to be my superstar sleeper. I did NOT know babies like this existed. :) She never really had her days and nights reversed. Even when my mom was here when Quinn was less than a week old, we were both surprised at her long stretches. At about four weeks, ten-hour stretches started popping up, and by eight weeks, 8- to 10-hour stretches had become the norm. (She's not the easiest to get down at nighttime, for some reason, but once she's down, I usually get up with her around 4 or 5, and then she sleeps another couple of hours before starting the day at about 7.) She still sometimes will pull a middle-of-the-night feeding, and I tell myself all the time that she will most definitely regress, but for now, I am sleeping well and relishing every minute. 

The boys still adore her. Chase mainly calls her, "Wittle Miss" (Little Miss). Sometimes I can hardly get to her because Trenton is right over her giving her a hundred kisses. Trenton is also extremely helpful with her in the car. He'll feed her bottles, try to put in her pacifier, or attempt to distract her by talking to her. Whenever he gets out of preschool, he bounds into the van to say hi to her, even if she's asleep. (After which, she is usually no longer asleep. haha) I cannot tell you how grateful I am that they have taken this well to her. I know we are very lucky. 

Speaking of the car, she does NOT care for it! I'm knocking on wood as I type this, but I think we miiiiight be moving out of the woods now that she's almost three months old. It's still not great, but slightly better. She just cannot soothe herself to sleep in the car, so if we get in the car when she is tired but not yet asleep, she will scream. Girl can go from zero to sixty in no time at all! Ryan thinks it's because she is a girl. Female emotions are clearly a mystery to him. :)

For that reason, outings (like to and from preschool) have been stressful to me for the last 11 weeks, but when we are home, she is my little angel. She is starting to fall asleep pretty much unassisted for more of her naps, which makes this busy mama very grateful. (The rocking-bouncing-feeding thing takes a lot of time!) Her smiles are abundant, and she recently discovered how delicious her little fist is! Whenever she manages to get it in her mouth, I can tell even if I'm not looking at her, because I can hear her loud sucking/lip smacking sounds. So cute.

Her latest and greatest development is some cooing when you're looking and smiling at her. The boys are convinced she is trying to talk to them. I love it. 

Anyway, have I mentioned how cute she is and how in love I am? Good, because I am.