Friday, March 27, 2009

Mobility is on the Horizon!

My boy is growing up! Today is day three of getting up on all fours. When he first started you could see him concentrating SO hard just to maintain the position. If I said "Good job, Trenton!" he'd lose his concentration and flop right on his belly to smile at me. But now it's almost looking natural! (By the way, no teeth yet, but hello drool!)

Yesterday he got to show off his new trick at Park Day with the other young moms and kids. Last summer when I first started going to Park Day, all of the babies were sound asleep in their strollers because they were so little, but now they're climbing on their moms and pulling each other's hair. It's so fun!

In this picture Trenton is showing off what I call his "seal pose." It makes his arms look kind of short, doesn't it? He's such a ham.

And here's Trenton's first time in a swing—it was a hit!

He's in this great phase where he's all smiles when I get the camera out. I know that won't last forever, so I'm enjoying it while I can!

I love those big blue eyes. He'll probably be a blond kid, but I kind of hope when he grows up that he'll have brown hair like his daddy's and blue eyes like mine.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Trenton...

I could just eat you up.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Best Day

Maybe I use the sentence "This is the best/worst day of my life" a bit indiscriminately, but a lot of my time with Ryan—especially outdoors—merits the "best day" status.

One of the things we missed most in Indiana was being able to get up above our surroundings and enjoy the view. (We were spoiled in Utah.) It's amazing how literally getting above your surroundings can broaden your perspective and help you refocus.

We recently explored the trails above our favorite beach near Montera (north of Pacifica), and we were not disappointed. I would recommend this hike to anyone. (If you live here, ask me for more details!) It'll get your heartrate up, but it's not long or too strenuous by any means. And besides that, it is gorgeous! I wish the pictures could show how majestic it is, but just know that it's even prettier in real life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Poor Baby

Trenton is officially sick for the first time this week. His breathing is more like wheezing with all the flem in his throat. The good news is that I think (and hope!) he's on the up side now. Here's a photo of us trying unsuccessfully to get him to smile right before bedtime a couple nights ago. He's looking pretty sorry, isn't he!?

Thankfully, he hardly seems to notice that he isn't feeling well, at least during the day. For the most part, he's still our smiling boy (whose breathing happens to sound like Darth Vador's).

Check out that arm strength! (And yes, I do dress him in pants most of the time—I promise. It's just that at home I can't resist those chubby legs!)

We love you, bud! Feel better soon!