Friday, March 27, 2009

Mobility is on the Horizon!

My boy is growing up! Today is day three of getting up on all fours. When he first started you could see him concentrating SO hard just to maintain the position. If I said "Good job, Trenton!" he'd lose his concentration and flop right on his belly to smile at me. But now it's almost looking natural! (By the way, no teeth yet, but hello drool!)

Yesterday he got to show off his new trick at Park Day with the other young moms and kids. Last summer when I first started going to Park Day, all of the babies were sound asleep in their strollers because they were so little, but now they're climbing on their moms and pulling each other's hair. It's so fun!

In this picture Trenton is showing off what I call his "seal pose." It makes his arms look kind of short, doesn't it? He's such a ham.

And here's Trenton's first time in a swing—it was a hit!

He's in this great phase where he's all smiles when I get the camera out. I know that won't last forever, so I'm enjoying it while I can!

I love those big blue eyes. He'll probably be a blond kid, but I kind of hope when he grows up that he'll have brown hair like his daddy's and blue eyes like mine.


  1. I love his meaty little legs hanging out of that swing and the seal pose is to die for! He is a smiley little man!

  2. I am laughing so hard at his seal pose! That is too funny.

    I am so excited for you guys to come out here!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am.

    He is the cutest little baby ever. I show pictures of him to my roommates all the time! Thanks for posting the cute pictures.

  3. He is SO freaking adorable!!! We have a video of Talia as a baby in the crawling position, moving backwards because of the way she'd flop onto her belly then get back up again. Good memories. Halt that boy's development for a month, will ya? He's not allowed to start crawling until I meet him!

  4. Your blogs make this grandma's day! Love those BIG BLUE eyes! XOX

  5. I tell you, your baby's smile is the most awesome I've ever seen. So perfect, just charming! It makes me want to smile every time I see it.

    I'm laughing at the seal pose too :)

  6. baby T is soooooooo adorable.I just want to eat him up.I want to see him really badly.:D