Sunday, May 31, 2015

Point Lobos, May 2015

Between the Color Run on Saturday and Point Lobos on Monday, we really struck gold this Memorial weekend. We are crazy lucky to live in a place where nature—especially the ocean—is practically our backyard. Point Lobos was every bit as gorgeous as we had heard, and after exploring there (China cove, where the baby seals had set up camp, and Gibson Beach), we hit up a second beach (Carmel River) so that Ryan and kids could try out the kayak. Turns out, the kids put in a strong request for warmer water, but Ryan made it past the break without sinking our children's-sized kayak! 

The Color Run, San Jose, May 2015

Turns out those color runs are every bit as fun as they look! The boys ate it up.  Chase power-walked the entire thing with his arms bent at his side to keep as much color as possible on them. Trenton said he could have gone twenty more miles. And Quinn—Quinn was uncertain about all the hoopla at first and would only let Mom push the stroller, but once we saw the pink color station, it was game on!

It was honestly one of the most fun things we've done as a family, and I hope we can do more of them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home Life, Early 2015

A trip to our favorite taco truck (Taco El Abuelo!) while Ryan was on a trip with his friend Matt Paye, followed by an un-pictured epic tantrum in the car, compliments of the little lady. :) 

Outdoor playtime with the neighbor boys. Living room progress! The kids' first bath in our big tub.  

Quinn's second birthday. A visit from my heart-friend Desirae. An hour in the bounce house that appeared on our front lawn. :) 

And a random collection of moments that remind us how good it is to be alive! 

The Mud Apocalypse

What started out as an innocent spring morning exploring an orchard... ended in the mud apocalypse of 2015!

Alternatively titled: The time we learned NEVER to go to an orchard two days after a big storm.

Trenton was leading us to a corner of the orchard that had caught his attention. We were almost to the edge of the orchard—about a dozen steps from pavement—when a sleeper mud pit caught us completely unaware! We lost two shoes (one of them for good—RIP) and nearly traumatized Quinn with all the pandemonium, but it turned out to be one of our best memories of the year.

Now, months later, when we drive near our fateful orchard, Quinn points to it and retells her well-loved story: "Mud. Dirty!! Cry. Shoe. Find it!!"

Also, this face. It's like she knew what was coming! And the last picture? Food makes everything better.