Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Mud Apocalypse

What started out as an innocent spring morning exploring an orchard... ended in the mud apocalypse of 2015!

Alternatively titled: The time we learned NEVER to go to an orchard two days after a big storm.

Trenton was leading us to a corner of the orchard that had caught his attention. We were almost to the edge of the orchard—about a dozen steps from pavement—when a sleeper mud pit caught us completely unaware! We lost two shoes (one of them for good—RIP) and nearly traumatized Quinn with all the pandemonium, but it turned out to be one of our best memories of the year.

Now, months later, when we drive near our fateful orchard, Quinn points to it and retells her well-loved story: "Mud. Dirty!! Cry. Shoe. Find it!!"

Also, this face. It's like she knew what was coming! And the last picture? Food makes everything better.

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