Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas in Murray 2014

If you ever want to make packing for a Christmas trip feel like a breeze, just move first! Getting ready for Utah was a walk in the park after moving a family of five. I kept thinking, is that really it? One suitcase, a pack-n-play, and a box of gifts? No sweat! 

It felt SO GOOD to arrive in Murray and finally find Christmas! It was like my mom handed me and my little family Christmas on a silver platter, and we were so grateful. Because up until then, moving had kind of taken over our lives, so my guilt was majorly lessened knowing that the kids would get a real Christmas in Utah. 

On Christmas Eve, Ryan and my dad took Landen, Trenton, and Chase skiing. The all did awesome on the tug rope and then Chase took a snooze in the lodge with my dad while Ryan took Landen and Trenton up the lift. 

On Christmas Day, we woke up to SNOW! It was pretty dry on the ground up until then, but after opening gifts we explored fresh snow in the backyard while big, beautiful flurries drifted from the sky. 

It was so fun having Rachel and Chad's family, as well as Mary and Tom's family, with us all in Murray, but we sure missed Corey and Sally's crew! 

Ryan skied with his friend Charney at the Canyons the day after Christmas, while the rest of us did a quick (and cold!) sledding outing, followed by Big Hero 6 for the kids and Unbroken for the grownups. (Thanks to my mom for watching the littlest ones!) 

We spent Saturday with the Nielsens. It was so fun seeing everyone. And the boys even snuck in a BYU basketball game with Gregg. On Sunday we drove home, leaving mid-day like we usually do, so that the kids sleep the last handful of hours. 

Quinn ADORES my parents. I love this little snuggle with my beautiful mom, above. She runs to them constantly and just generally is never more than five feet from them when we're in Murray. I've never seen anything like it, and I hope it stays that way forever! 


  1. That's cool about the skiing. I was wondering about trying skiing with Clara this year, along with two cousins (ages 5 and 7). My cousin (their mother) thinks they might be too young, but maybe not . . . I was worried, though, that we might end up paying quite a bit for skiing and then the girls would be done after two runs down the bunny slope. Maybe we will wait for another year! Loved these pictures--Quinn and your mother are precious together.

  2. Wow, so many fabulous pictures! What incredible memories we created. I'm SO thankful for our close family. Love you all!