Monday, March 17, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

At my mom's request, here are my favorites (many of them) from our family photo shoot this weekend. My close friend and fellow preschool mom Angelica has taken our pictures a bunch of times, and I'm always over the moon after she gives them to me! 

You would never guess that right before this, we had about three different meltdowns about what to wear. (Proudly, none of them were on my part. :) It is REALLY hard to get that second son out of basketball pants. :)

Also, both boys have partial spiderman tattoos that they got at the dentist earlier in the week after getting two fillings each. :) I secretly like the little tattoos peeking through in the photos because they remind me that childhood isn't really about dressing nicely or gelling your hair. We want to live life and have some adventures together! (That said, every now and then, Mom will still make you get out of your basketball pants and take some pictures!) 

Thank you, Angelica!!!