Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Old Photo

I was going through some photos on our computer and ran across this little gem: 

Apparently I painted shorts on Trenton at some point???

He was such a little ham! And Ryan looks so happy, wet shirt and all.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Taste of Summer

I think it's safe to say we're having our first taste of summer right now. It'll probably cool back off, but today's high is 78, and for here, that is pretty much summer. :) 

We initiated the complex pool last night. We won't turn on its heat until the very end of May, but that didn't faze these boys!

I think I might actually be tinge sad when Chase is potty trained only because I will miss seeing those legs in a swim diaper! It gets me every time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt in the Park

A bunch of friends and I thew an Easter egg hunt this morning at the park for our kids. We all brought some eggs filled with candy and threw them in the grass while the kids played on the playground. Simple as that. :)

I told the boys yesterday, and they were SO excited. They even went to bed without a peep last night, knowing the Easter egg hunt was in the morning. Chase has told everyone we have seen (or even talked to on the phone!) for the last day and a half—"Ee-ter. Hunt! Eggs. Park!"

 T and his best buddy Colton, with proud we-got-the-most-candy smiles!

Sweet Presley flanked by two handsome little men.

All of the kids together. It's amazing we got so many of them to look up from their candy!

(As a funny aside, I asked a mom I didn't know to take a picture of all of us moms and kids together. She thought I was asking to take a picture of her kids, so she posed her kids and told them to smile in another language. I felt too awkward to tell her, "No, I don't actually need a picture of your kids. I was hoping you'd take one of me and mine." So I just snapped a picture of her kids and ran away! Haha, she probably thought I was so weird!)

Reason #52 that holidays are even better with little kids.

Happy Easter!