Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Taste of Summer

I think it's safe to say we're having our first taste of summer right now. It'll probably cool back off, but today's high is 78, and for here, that is pretty much summer. :) 

We initiated the complex pool last night. We won't turn on its heat until the very end of May, but that didn't faze these boys!

I think I might actually be tinge sad when Chase is potty trained only because I will miss seeing those legs in a swim diaper! It gets me every time!


  1. Wow, they're nuts. And I'm jealous of your weather!

  2. Chase is looking older! So cute!

  3. Gosh, he looks SO big! We initiated our pool this weekend too... But it's 106 here and the pool is 83 so it was PERFECT!

  4. Haha. What a cute boy! When you first feel that warmth of the sun after winter, everything seems right in the world! We have cooled back off over here in the midwest. I hope yours sticks around for a while.