Monday, June 18, 2007

Half Moon Bay and Pacifico

Today we drove down to Half Moon Bay. We ate at a local Mexican joint off the beaten tourist path, and we both loved it. We learned that Half Moon Bay is always cloudy and foggy but that driving just miles north or south up the coast leads to blue skies. So we drove north toward Pacifico, where we found this absolutely beautiful and sparsely populated beach. We'd definitely recommend it.

I guess this is how I like to have fun. And the next is how Ryan likes to have fun. (That water is FREEZING! Everyone else in the water was wearing a wet suit, but he had some weird compulsion to swim.) Which looks better?

Isn't that gorgeous? I didn't know Northern California had such nice beaches. (Cold, of course, but very pretty)

We're excited to see Dad tomorrow and are waiting for our next visitors--who will it be?? Natalie, want to skip across the country to come see the view from this side? Alaina and Kurt, Mary and Tom, Corey and Sally--need a second honeymoon? (But you won't want to stay at our place. It's no place for honeymooners. haha) Kendall, Mallory, Rachell--road trip??

We love you all and hope you don't get bored of our pictures. We're just so excited to share! And Launa, if you see these anytime soon, we're so glad you're doing better. We're still praying for you! You're amazing!


  1. Wow! Looks GORGEOUS. I WISH I could come and visit... I may be saving my trip for South Bend though... it's a little closer. :D

  2. I really would like to have your swimsuit.

  3. Wow, that's gorgeous! Your picture tanning looks much more relaxing and warm than Ryan's wet one.

  4. What lucky kids on the beach! Here I am in the middle again. I like lounging on the sand but Id chase a few waves in the water, too. How's that for wishy washy? XOX cW

  5. I did my share of wave chasing too, but just as long as the water didn't get much higher than make ankles. Ryan thought it was colder than the glacial water he swam in in Canada! It was great to see Dad tonight. We missed you, Mom! Nat, that sounds like a smart plan. And Kendall, go for it!

  6. How fun! I'm so jealous you get to go to the beach. Let's trade lives this week and you can take my finals and i'll go lay out in the sun by the ocean!