Thursday, October 4, 2007

Update on Life

1. So the other day I was working at Banana when I noticed this darling little black girl and her mother come into the store. I said hello to the mom and was about to say hi to the curly headed beauty when I heard her say, "I like your ring." I replied, "Well thank you!" And the next thing she says is "I like the bling-bling on there!" I guess bling-bling means diamond in her vocabulary. The mom laughed kind of embarrassed-like, but I thought it was the cutest thing!

2. On Monday and Tuesday this week I spoke at two different Rotary clubs in the South Bend area. I talked about the trends in autobiography and memoir in our country, the benefits people are finding in writing their life history, and a few things that make a life history something others will want to read.

It's my third time doing it, and I found that I'm not even nervous at all! I always sit next to the club president at the front-most table for lunch, and then they introduce me, and I take about 20-25 minutes, including Q&A. I give a handout with all my contact information, and then I hope people will want to talk to me afterward. Monday's meeting was particularly successful that way. Practically everyone wanted to tell me a family or life story after I talked. It was great. All in all, I've added 20 people to my email list, gotten three people to request a consultation, and had another three people offer to refer me to someone they think will be interested in working with me.

Public speaking is one thing (like music and Alaina) that will definitely make you feel alive!

3. We're trying to figure out how to get out west for Christmas without busting the bank... Nat, how bad do you think it would be to drive it in December??

Anyway, we love and miss you all!


  1. Yay a new post!

    YES! Come for Christmas!

    You are so amazing! I'm sure those rotary people love you! I like public speaking too.

    You do have very nice bling! That's a cute story.

  2. Erica! SOOOO glad to have an update! Congrats on your part time job, that's nice to be out and professional and stuff. And I totally admire you for making your business grow.

    "Bling" is definitely a vocabulary word, if it's not in the dictionary yet it should be soon... Fun story to go with it!

  3. I agree. I'm also happy for an update in your world! That ring story is super cute...

  4. I love reading about you and Ryan being in grad school. and the only reason all your clothes fit in 2 tubs is because your are so tiny! I LOVE your new shoes! I told your mom (who had said something disparaging about flat dress shoes) that they were cutting edge now! I have a pair very similar only with bows on the toe. I love them! (She felt better!)
    Hope you enjoy seeing GG! You know, they really come to see you only because THEY CAN...and that is reason enough for them!
    Hope you won't REALLY consider driving at Christmas is only was a frightening trip for Nat and me last year...we don't rec. it! Spend the money & fly...don't risk mishap or worse or loss of you bunches...