Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'll Miss You Grandpa Mitt

I feel like Mitt Romney is my Grandpa. In fact, every time I see him speak (and believe me, I've seen just about all of his videos online), I seriously wish he were a member of my family!

If you haven't already seen his CPAC speech in which he withdraws from the race, you should definitely watch it here:

His speech is full of solutions, real ideas about how to handle the issues we face. He is brilliant, undeniably. He was valedictorian at BYU, and he graduated in the top of his class from Harvard, with both a law degree and an MBA. He founded Bain Capital, and after serving as VP of Bain & Company, he was asked to return and revive the company, which he did.

I love this statement, from his last speech: "Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is a culture-killing drug—we have got to fight it like the poison it is!"

And I love his boldness in this statement: "The attack on faith and religion is no less relentless. And tolerance for pornography—even celebration of it—and sexual promiscuity, combined with the twisted incentives of government welfare programs have led to today’s grim realities: 68% of African American children are born out-of-wedlock, 45% of Hispanic children, and 25% of White children. How much harder it is for these children to succeed in school—and in life. A nation built on the principles of the founding fathers cannot long stand when its children are raised without fathers in the home."

How many other candidates would dare to speak out against the pornography industry? He is not afraid to say what he believes, whether about pornography, the state of the family, or his religion.

One of my favorite video clips of Mitt Romney is a rather obscure one that Ryan and his brother came across one night. When a reporter asked him what the strangest thing about his religion was, he--with a dead straight face--said something this effect: "The strangest belief of my religion is that we believe that God commanded a man to build a big boat and put two of every kind of animal on it, and through this all humanity would be saved." When you think about it, Noah's ark is kind of weird(!), but all Christians believe it, so what's so crazy about modern-day prophets??

Anyway, I'm going to miss him...though I am glad to see more of my husband lately. :) The good news (and bad news since I'll lose my hubby again) is that it looks pretty likely that he'll run again in 2012. Until then, Mitt!


  1. I'm sorry for your disapointment! Who are you leaning towards now?

  2. It's so sad! This is the first time I've ever really gotten into politics, and it was just in time to have my heart crushed. Oh well! I think the way he handled leaving the race and the way he left himself with the media and pundits will really benefit him in 2012 and he'll have a great chance. Let's hope.

  3. Oh I love this post! Thanks for posting those quotes - I am so media-ignorant that I love to get snippets from others. You're great. Go Mitt 2012.

  4. hey erica! i forget if i have ever commented on here. anyways, this is becca foster, and i read your blog. I have one too. how are you?

  5. Sad sad sad I'm so sad Mitt is no more. I liked him.

    Well, you got Ryan back!

  6. Hey Erica! So, I found your blog, on someone else's blog, and it turns out we have a mutual acquaintance. Alaina! She was in my freshman ward. Small world! Anyway, so sorry we missed your v-day party. Kimberly got another bout of RSV last week and wasn't doing too good on Friday. Oh, and by the way, I'm totally bummed that Mitt is out! I hope he can run again someday! I think he is SOOO much better than all of the other candidates--lets start a write in campaign!!! :)