Sunday, June 15, 2008

So far...

We've only been here two weeks, but we've already...

- Shared a milkshake from In-N-Out
- Bought a wetsuit on craigslist
- Relaxed at two of our favorite beaches
- Unpacked everything, including all the baby's cute clothes!
- Gotten a little sunburned while Ryan surfed and I watched
- Had an overnight guest, our friend Tommy
- And been visited by Grandpa and Grandma Wood and Mom

Tomorrow we're even meeting G&G and Mom at Fenton's!

Here are a few random pictures. The first is of Ryan and Tommy before they attempted to surf on Saturday. (It's harder than it looks!)

The next photo is our cute Walmart table, which I'm proud to say I assembled. On the drive out I was talking to Ryan about wanting to try doing something new, something I wouldn't normally do. I think he had visions of backpacking up near Tahoe or me on a surfboard...But when this dining set entered our lives, I knew it was just the thing. Normally, I would recruit anyone else to do this kind of thing, but I set my mind to read the instructions, learn something about spring washers and nuts, and build the whole thing myself. Obviously, I'm pretty proud of it.

This was taken at my wonderful, wonderful Utah baby shower. Our baby is spoiled already! Thank you everyone for coming. I had SUCH a fantastic time catching up with family and friends.

The last photo here is my personal favorite. I call it "Ryan: The Pink Princess."

To his credit, he did have a long day unpacking. And I wouldn't post this if I hadn't already posted the manly-man picture of him in his wetsuit.


  1. Hey, what's your address/phone number, etc? We want to get together with you sometime if we can. We're about an hour and half away I think. E-mail me your info if you want to get together!


  2. You guys have an In-N-Out burger close? Man, we'll have to come visit sooner than we thought!! :) Seriously, it looks like you guys are having tons of fun! I have to say I'm a bit jealous!

  3. When I come out to visit, I'm going to try surfing.

  4. San Fran that is great! You are now on our blog and we even listed your blog becasue if I did not I might forget how to get back. Jamon

  5. Ahahahahahaha I'm cracking up at the last picture of Ryan! Seriously... still laughing. You are awesome. I'm glad he let you post it (or has he seen it yet!?)

    I assembled a few items of furniture for the first time when pregnant (maybe it was 'nesting'?!) and my skills have only grown! Go girl power, and keep it up. You just might not need a man around for much longer... until a spider shows up, of course.

  6. That last picture is so funny. That table is cute - good job! And if you're up for overnight guests... haha.

  7. So good to visit and see your new place! Ryan does look good in his wet suit...but is there room for you in that bed?? haha

  8. You are one cute pregnant lady!!!

  9. So where is this beach cause I wanna go! Your apt looks super cute. Cross my fingers we can do the same to ours.