Saturday, August 30, 2008

T's First Hike

So when it comes to Ryan, the pregnancy card didn't take me too far. And now that I've had Trenton, the "I had a baby three weeks ago" excuse doesn't get me out of much either. Today we went on our first family hike--straight up a mountain. I'm not joking, at times it was straight up. Thankfully it wasn't very long, just seriously steep. (However, it doesn't hold a candle to hiking Timp, which my sister Rachel just did. Go Rach!)

The view at the top was breathtaking on all sides. You can practically see the whole bay, all the way to San Francisco, and on the other side are the beautiful green hills that block us from the ocean. And the best part is that the trailhead is within walking distance of our house.

Little Trent was a trooper! Give him a little milk when he fusses, and a few minutes later...

This is what you get! A zonked out, bouncing baby.


  1. He's so darling! I love that age where you can take them anywhere!

    That bjorn is a sure way to make them sleep, too...

  2. Wow, hiking at 3 weeks old! That's an outing for sure. You do live in a gorgeous place!

  3. I totally want to go hiking as soon as possible . . . I always told Garrett I wanted to be a "hiking and camping" family! Love the pictures!

  4. How fabulous! Getting him used to that kind of thing early... Smart!

  5. You're quite the trooper hiking at three weeks post baby. You'd find me passed out at the bottom. He is really cute and to do so well on the hike, you're a lucky girl!