Friday, December 12, 2008

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Chub's in the Tub

Too big, you say? I agree. He has officially outgrown the sink. The fact that more water ends up outside the sink than in it by the time we're done makes me think maybe it's time to move on, but I'm dragging my feet. Our guest bathroom has only a shower, so Trenton will have to bathe in our bathroom, which has a tub complete with glass shower-like doors. The doors and the proximity to the toilet will make it tricky and uncomfortable to bathe him there.

Which brings me to my point—Does anyone have any ideas to make bathtime easier? I'm considering buying one of those brightly colored baby bathtubs. Maybe I could set it in the guest bathroom's shower and fill it with the detachable showerhead? But how soon would he outgrow that thing?

I also heard about a baby bath gadget in which the baby sits snugly the whole time. Anyone know where to get one? Maybe it would extend the use of our glorious kitchen sink!? Any ideas will be much appreciated!!!


  1. Bathing is a predicament. I actually just shower with Madeline a lot of the time now. We've got it down to a science. She can finally sit in a bathtub filled with water, but she's so tiny in all that water and I worry about one slip... anyway, I've heard about those bath tub seats, but I've never tried them. Good luck! I love how Trenton is just layin' back, chillin' in the tub! What a darling boy!

  2. I say keep using the kitchen sink. Just don't put quite so much water in it. :) Once he's sitting up, there'll be more room in there.

  3. Olivia has actually always bathed in the big tub. I bought a big yellow bathing sponge from Target (like $5) and she would lay on it until she was old enough to sit up.
    The sliding glass doors could make things tricky as I usually sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water... You could put a stool in the tub and sit on it so you wouldn't be bending over quite so much... ?

  4. Oh yay! I'm happy you found us! Your blog is so cute, but your baby is even cuter! :) He is getting so big! I have to agree with you, he might just be getting too big for the sink.

    We need to for sure plan a night that we can have you over for dinner. What are you guy planning on doing for new years? Maybe we can work something out if we are both in town. Have a good Christmas if I don't talk to you and I'll call you when we get back in town...