Sunday, February 1, 2009

Times have changed!

I haven't blogged lately because I just haven't had the heart for it. January was a bit of a lonely month, with Ryan clocking 80 hours a week at EY. So whenever I sit down to blog, the only thing I can get to come out is "Poor me, my husband is absentee." But in reality I know how incredibly blessed I am, so I skip blogging altogether. But today I'm feeling great because Ryan had the day off (Sunday!), so blogging is BACK!

Today's post is for all my friends/sister/cousins who don't have children yet. Before you have a baby, you realize on an intellectual level that things will change once you do. Sure, you know that date nights with your hubby will be harder to come by and that sleeping will suddenly become much more precious. In fact, when you're pregnant, young moms love to tell you to appreciate those kinds of things before the baby comes along.

But in my case, no matter how much I tried to prepare for that change, I could never have anticipated the slew of changes that would come. So to all of you whose clothing isn't yet covered in drool, here are a few things to enjoy before you have kids:
  • Curling your hair in silence. The other day I found myself singing the ABCs as loudly as my lungs would allow while curling my hair, trying futiley to keep Trenton's attention from a distance.
  • Talking to your friends without holding a baby that is suddenly launching spit-up all over the floor. (What a conversation-stopper!)
  • Being alone. Ever.
  • Pushing a cart in the grocery store. Just a cart. Next thing you know you'll be holding a baby in one arm and navigating the grocery cart/infant carrier with the other arm, because the little guy decided he had HAD IT with his boring baby toys.
  • Hearing a lesson—any lesson—in church and not feeling like an utter distraction while you juggle the baby and enter & exit the room three times.
I could go on, but I think those will suffice. The truth is, as I lay this afternoon on our bed, with Trenton sitting up wobbly beside me, batting his hands in an effort to get the buttons on my shirt or capture of small square of sunlight on my skirt, I thought about how all those changes have made my life what it is. And how I wouldn't trade them for anything. Yes, sometimes it's hard, but those very things (singing the ABCs at the top of my lungs) are what makes it so special, knowing that this little person couldn't exist without my love and care.

I love my little man.

(Notice Trenton's Cardinals outfit. Thanks to the AZ bunch for sending it! Trenton was a great fan today!)

And as caveat—yes, I do know it only gets harder and crazier with more kids. (Bring it!)


  1. I love his cute smile!! Miss ya darling!!!

  2. Haha. I liked your post. I hear you. For me it's taking a nice, warm shower in peace. Madeline likes to peek in and draw back the shower curtain. Try shaving your legs while the curtain is open! Isn't it nice, though, that you know lots of people understand? I have no doubt you are an awesome mom. Too bad we can't keep each other company while our husbands are putting in those long days and weeks :(

  3. Hahaha, this was great. I giggled for quite a while imagining you singing the ABC's to keep Trenton busy. I pretty much assume I'll never look good once I have kids. You look fantastic though!

  4. Ahahaha... you captured it PERFECTLY!!! I could never have imagined I'd sing songs like "Little Bunny Foo-foo" and "There was a little house in the middle of the woods..." but you definitely find yourself filling that silence, huh! Oh, I love the visual imagery you give...

    I don't know about "bring it", but I DO agree with you that you wouldn't trade a thing! Thanks for reminding us :)

  5. I loved this post! I was just about to write a very similar one, so we can share notes when I'm done.
    I was wondering where you went, I missed Trenton! (funny because I've never even met him...)

  6. And by the way, I read this post earlier in the day, then went grocery shopping and was laughing when Olivia refused to sit any longer and I had to do the whole one arm shopping cart navigation. For those who haven't tried it- IT'S SO HARD!!! Especially with a cart full of groceries and a little girl who wants to be down walking. LOVELY.

  7. OHMYGOSH! He looks so cute in that outfit! What a good little Cardinals fan.

    And what a great post. Maybe I'll delay the having the babies part. :) No but it does sound worth it, you have a little guy who is adorable and who loves you!

    I wish I could see you singing the ABCs while straightening your hair...

  8. Oh, E-Money: you are such a great mom, and you have a beautiful son! I'm excited to see you in April and whisk you away for a girls' day (after which we'll have some Big T playtime, too).

    Lots of love. xo

  9. Ahhhh, the joys of being a grandma and having your own daughter appreciate the joys of motherhood!!! You're beautiful, Ek and Trenton looks great in his Cardinal outfit! XOX Mom

  10. It sounds like our lives are very similar! We need to get together. It seems like we haven't for a while.

  11. It’s so sad we don’t live closer so we could hang out while our husbands are MIA!! Hope your busy season is ending soon (ours is just starting!)