Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love This Boy!

Goodness, Trenton was hilarious this weekend.

First off, he ADORES his dad. It's so sweet to watch him stare at Ryan, try to copy his every move, and entice his daddy to chase him.

This weekend he said his first official word—"Hi!" At any opportunity, he would sneakily grab one of our cell phones, clumsily put it to his hear, and say, "Hi!" At first we weren't sure if he was doing it on purpose, but by the end of the weekend, he made himself pretty clear.

This afternoon I came around the corner and he put his hand straight up in the air and said, "Hi!" Then, just to prove to Ryan and I that he really meant it, he slowly raised his hand again and started flopping his hand in the sweetest little wave you've ever seen. (That's a big deal, because he's rarely interested in waving hi or bye.) He even said "Hi" again for us.

(For the record, "kitty" *may* have been his first word. He was chasing after a kitty at our bishop's house—arms wide open—and it sounded just like he said, "Kit-ty!" However, we don't see a lot of kitties around here, so I'm not convinced he meant to say it......)

Other big news! This weekend he finally got the hang of giving kisses—"besos" in this family. I've been trying so hard for so LONG to get him to kiss me...and finally, it is paying off! We say "Deme un beso, por favor!" or "Quiero un beso!" and he stays still until you move in close; then he plants a wet one on your lips or cheek. What is better than open-mouthed baby kisses??

Who could resist that boy??? I think this photo of him in his swim diaper is hilarious. Trenton and Ryan had a Man's Night on Friday, taking probably the last swim of the season and trying out our complex's semi-creepy sauna. (Or is it just that all saunas are semi-creepy?)

Thanks for a great weekend, boys! I cannot believe we will be a family of four before too long!


  1. Yeah for saying his first word! Way to go Trenton! He's such a cutie!
    By the way, what park is that? I don't recognize it.

  2. He is so darling! Thanks for always posting THE NICEST comments on our blog! We still need to have you guys over. Expect a phone call in the very near future.

  3. He said his first word! How exciting! I want to fly out there right now to see how cute he is!

  4. Hurray for his first word! So cute! I love his new handsome church clothes - he looks so great in them!

  5. Trenton is so handsome! He sounds like he has quite the personality too! :)

  6. Wow! So many first! Love it. I always thought lip kissing kids were creepy until I had my own and wanted to gobble them up! I love the pic of your boys together. And the 1st one of T's hair standing straight up?! CUTE!

  7. He should be mine. MY kids were supposed to have the platinum hair. I'll take him.