Thursday, February 4, 2010

Water Boy

Trenton is obsessed with water. Our sinks are becoming a real problem for us. (The perpetual puddle by our car is another problem for us.) He is constantly begging to be up beside the sink, playing in the stream of water from the faucet. I let him play to his heart's content while I work in the kitchen, but just this morning his daddy let him get a little taste of the bathroom sink. Oh boy.

But on a long, rainy afternoon, when we're trapped in the house, I can't say I mind too much. Right now I especially don't mind that we don't pay for our water. :)

Sorry, Environment. Don't worry, though. His attention span is pretty short.


  1. That's funny! T. looks soooo happy! Maybe just a little smaller stream. XOX

  2. That's exactly like my boys! They take literally 3 baths a day because they love the water faucet in the tub. Sometimes I just let the water flow without plugging it up. True happiness.

  3. Haha. He does look happy. I love how he's all boy!

  4. That smile is irresistible! So cute!!