Sunday, April 10, 2011


We're home from a great trip to St. George, Utah. Ten or eleven hours in a car with little ones is always an adventure, but we made the most of it with the help of lots of juiceboxes, a handful of toys, and a sucker for each boy that left them sticky from head to toe! (So worth it!)

We spent the first day and a half with Ryan's parents, as well as our friends the Hoffmans, who planned a trip to coincide with ours, so that we could all have one big party on Malaga Lane! (Thank you to the Nielsens for lending us their beautiful home!) We spent the second half of our week with Ryan's brother Kyle and sister Sarah. I love Ryan's siblings like my own, so I soaked in the time with them. The boys did too—poor Sarah and Kyle were stuck endlessly jumping on the trampoline or playing two-year-old "catch" with Trenton. :) Thanks, guys!

We did the Riverside Walk (a two-mile roundtrip hike to the base of the Narrows) at Zion National Park with the Hoffmans.

As usual, Chase was just SO happy to be out of the stroller. Getting good and dirty was a big bonus.

Trenton was a trooper and hiked most of the two miles all by himself.

A few days later, we visited the Clark County Fair (in Ryan's hometown of Logandale, NV) with Sarah. Trenton LOVED the little roller coaster he was tall enough to ride. We did it at least five times, and I hope to always remember the sound of his constant giggle in my ear on that very first ride.

You wouldn't believe how Chase cried and writhed his body when I took this drink away. (Ryan thought for sure he was seriously hurt!) What a mean mommy I must be! He was SO happy sitting there drinking away.

Obviously, this picture was taken before I took the juice away. :) I love my Chase!


Fairs are just the greatest places for pictures! (Sorry for the overload!)

To make our experience official, we sampled some serious fair food.

My brain is dead from being up since 3am, so I hope this blog makes some sort of sense. We had a great trip and now feel renewed and ready to tackle the next few months. Thanks for reading!


  1. I can't believe how old Trenton looks! Wow! What a fun trip! Now if only we could figure out a way to do a road trip to NY! :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I can just imagine Trenton's big smile and constant laugh on that roller coaster. What fun!

  3. We missed you guys - we'll definitely have to catch you next time. I wish I would have known about that fair! Soren would have loved to see the animals.

  4. I wish we would have known you were going to be at the fair. We were thinking about going this weekend. We could have totally have met up with all of you. I am glad you had fun!

  5. How fun! Glad you got a nice break! I love the narrows- so gorgeous, not to mention a great place for little boys (and girls!) to get dirty! I bet he was in heaven!!

  6. I especially love the county fair pictures! So cute!

  7. Fun, fun, fun. Love you car ride ideas.

  8. That car picture belongs in a magazine. Mmmm.