Monday, June 6, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

And we're off!

I snapped this picture because clearly, I'm into a certain color pallet right now. And because choosing all my favorite clothes for vacation reminded me how lucky I am to have all that I have! I'm a big believer in buying fewer but better clothes. My wardrobe is pretty small for a girl, but I love most every item. Believe it or not, I got that from Ryan. :)

Btw, please bless that the flight with C and T (minus R) goes well!


  1. AHH I'm going to see you tonight! I hope the flight went well with those boys! I can't wait!

  2. I love your plan, "fewer but better." It's hard to do and I wish I were better at it. And I'm jealous of those clothes already and haven't even seen them! Love your style :)

  3. Have fun! Hope the flight went okay!

  4. Well, you do a good job at finding your clothes, you always look cute!

  5. Because of a tighter budget, I've gotten in the habit of buying cheaper clothes, even if I only like them. Lately I've been feeling that need to buy more quality items that will last longer and to buy only the items I love. I guess I'm finally growing up. :)
    I hope the flight went ok!