Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Napa, California

Sometime during Ryan's six-week stay in Austin, he booked our family a night in Napa. I think he was feeling bad for me, home as usual with the sweethearts while he stayed at the nicest hotel in Austin. :) Anyway, our family get-away was refreshing, although Napa itself is kind of an interesting place to visit when (a) you have toddlers and (b) you don't drink wine. But that's okay! My favorite part was actually being in the hotel. The boys think a hotel room is a grand adventure, and we enjoyed a fun night playing in the jacuzzi and pool. The pools were outdoor and it was a bit chilly, but the boys didn't mind for a second and we had the pace to ourselves!

Bedtime was surprisingly fun! We wore them out at the pool, then all four of us lined up in age order on king-sized bed, and we watched TV until first Chase knocked off, and then Trenton. We moved Chase to the hotel's port-a-crib and Trenton to his little bed on the floor, and voila!

The next day we drove the 25 minutes between Napa and Calistoga, a quaint, tiny town in the middle of wine country. November is the perfect time of year to make that drive—the leaves were beautiful! It was so nice to see some real fall foliage! And the grape vines are yellow and burgundy right now—gorgeous.

We visited a big castle (technically a replica of a castle since it was built in the 90s!). This picture makes us laugh. The lengths a kid will go to to avoid having his photo taken... Nice bum shot, T!

Much better. We may have "incentivized" him this time around. :)

I wish I had gotten better photos of the grapevines, but getting the boys in the car was becoming enough of a struggle at this point (oh that dear, stubborn Chaser) that it was not worth making any extra stops!

Pretty much anytime two or more members of my family are looking at the camera and actually looking pleasant, I am compelled to post it.

Thanks for a fun get-away, babe!


  1. Isn't the castle winery neat? And, yes, Napa is interesting when you're not a wine drinker!

  2. I agree with that last sentence about smiling. And not making more stops--Ethan is doing better at that now, but wowee can it be difficult. Fun trip!

  3. How fun! I love reading about your little getaways to such beautiful places. You're gorgeous, as always! :)