Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Needs Reindeer when You've Got a Helicopter!

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We stumbled across a new favorite holiday tradition this year—Santa's Arrival by Helicopter!

My boys love nothing more than planes, trucks, and trains, so this was PERFECT for us. It was at one of my favorite places, the San Carlos airstrip / aviation museum. We ran into our great friends the Bartons, which was really helpful because Dan held both Colton and Chase while I lifted Trenton—that way everyone could see Santa fly by twice in that helicopter. Since Ryan was at work (An obligatory training on a Saturday in December?? In lieu of a holiday party?? Why does this not surprise me anymore?), one of my boys would not have seen anything had the Bartons not been there to help us out! Thanks, guys!

Afterward we waited in line to see Santa, which backfired when both my boys were terrified of the jolly old man. Good times! We will definitely be doing that again next year.


  1. Wow! That would be very exciting to see Santa in a helicopter!

  2. Oh my, awesome! That looks super cool! And sorry about the training- that's pretty lame.

  3. Coolest thing EVER! I bet the boys loved it, and will love it even more as a tradition.