Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo Shoot for Three

My wonderful friend Angelica captured some fantastic photos of the boys and I in our recent mini-shoot on the hillside at our complex.

It is normal to be insanely excited about family pictures, right?? Now I just need to print some and pin them up so that I can look at them any time these little cuties make me want to pull out my hair!

The fact that Angelica got so many great ones when Trenton was growling like a raptor half the time and Chase was determined not to smile means she has talent! Thank you, girl!

Because I am just that crazy, you can see even more pictures at Let Why Lead.


  1. What wonderful pictures! You look beautiful. I am so rarely in pictures... it would be nice to be on the other side of the camera once in a while.

  2. Ahhhhhh! I love these pictures of you and your boys!! So cute!! I can't believe how grown up they are getting! I've been thinking about you lately because Mark and I are going back to Africa in a couple of weeks!! It seems like yesterday that we were there... right?!! What a fun time that we had together! Keep posting all your cute picture so I can keep up with your darling family!!