Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach Trip

After church and naps on Sunday, we headed out to the coast. It is almost impossible to resist the pull of the beach on a day as nice as it was Sunday. It is rare to not need a sweatshirt at our beaches, even in the summer, so we really soaked in the warmth.

When we first arrived, the tide was pretty high, and a couple waves almost reached our blanket, which was already backed up to the cliffs. So we got busy constructing a wall of sand as a barricade. Later we went on a walk to explore, finding plenty of big rocks to climb on and crab shells to poke at. 

Then when it was almost time to go, Ryan dug two wholes and the boys hopped right in, getting buried standing up—facing each other. Chase was so cute, saying "Dee-coo, Daddy," as soon as Ryan had finished his whole. And then he would NOT let us pull him out later, when it was time to go home.

Our boys are at the perfect age for beach trips, and this one could not have gone any better. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I'm jealous of your glamorous life by the beach. I can just imagine Chase not wanting to be pulled out to go home!

  2. These pictures are absolutely fantastic!!! What a fun beach excoursion.

  3. I'm so happy you take advantage of the special place you live!