Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday, T!

It's hard to believe we could possibly have a four-year-old!

Trenton turned four on Monday. Birthday celebrations started out with a trip to the San Francisco Zoo on Saturday, conveniently paid for by E&Y!

Notice our SF summer attire—full-on jackets and fleece! haha 

The bear feeding, which Chase is watching in the photo below, is a must-see at the SF Zoo!

Here's the bear right before it catches a fish with its teeth and proceeds to eat every bit of it within 60 seconds. (Or so it seemed.) So exciting for little boys! Last year they put peanut butter right up on the window frames, so the two bears would stand up and lick right in front of you. This year, the bears were on a diet, though, so no peanut butter for them! 

We sang happy birthday to him on Sunday night. Don't look too closely at his glamourous cake! (Complete with Chase-sized finger prints all over!)

T was so sweet about his presents. I love how easy to please they are at age four. For days before, he was telling everyone, "I have TWO presents!!" One was a transformer, and the other was a package of flushable wipes, since he's learning to wipe his bum now that he's a big four-year-old. A couple days before his birthday he decided to give his little present (the wipes) to Chase. I thought it was so sweet of him to want to share like that! Obviously, neither of them were too enthralled with the wipes, but the transformer was a hit. (Ryan even took it to work one day this week to get his co-workers to figure out how to make it transform! What a great dad Trenton has!)

On his birthday morning, I climbed into his bed with our previous blog books, to show him pictures of his birth and the last four years. Then we opened presents, said goodbye to Ryan, and walked over to Piazza's for a free birthday balloon and a donut.

That afternoon we shared some Texas sheetcake with friends at the park and had a ball playing with sand and water-shooting crayons.

We love our Trenton and are hopeful and excited to see what age four has in store for us!


  1. What a fun birthday--so easy to please. :)

  2. That peacock picture is adorable!!! I miss the San Francisco Zoo. It was one of the best zoo's we had ever been to. Wish they had a descent one here. It is so fun to watch our little ones grow :)Their birthdays are always fun too because they are always so excited with everything they receive!

  3. I loved hearing the stories and seeing the photos, I miss you and the boys!

  4. Happy Birthda, Trenton! I guess I didn't realize he and Madeline are only about 6 months apart. Is he doing preschool in the fall? What are your plans for that?

  5. HAPPY B-DAY T! Can't believe he's 4 already. Sounds like he had a fabulous birthday! Love you Trenton! I can't even tell you how jealous I am of your jackets. Seriously. It's 115 today.

  6. Thanks for sharing about cute Trenton and his birthday. Wish we could have been the boys summer haircuts! Love to each of you!

  7. I can't believe he is 4! You are a good mom. Looks like T had a great birthday. Those are some cute boys!