Thursday, January 3, 2013

Halloween (Finally!)

Our photo skills were seriously lacking at Halloween this year, but here are the few decent ones we got!

Pumpkin carving was a big hit, until I carved the "spooky faces" and continually got told they were not scary enough. Haha, oh well! Someday you can do it yourself, boys!

Trenton the Pirate and his very best buddy, Colton the Astronaut, in front of preschool. Love this shot. 

The pirate and the fireman (for a second year in a row) in front of the church, right before our church party, which the boys were SO excited for! 

At his insistence, the fireman turned into a cowboy on the night of Halloween, and we trick-or-treated our building with the three other families that have young kids here. It makes the old ladies around here so happy, and the kids are in heaven because the ladies dole out all their candy, knowing no one else will be coming by. Win win! 


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one behind on blogging. I don't think I've got to Halloween yet either...

  2. Love their cute costumes! They are growing up way too fast. Happy Halloween!