Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving and Nat's Wedding!

For Thanksgiving we drove 11 hours to Portland to celebrate the holiday and Nat & Paul's wedding. Our first night there we ate take-out Mexican family style and initiated Paul into the family (by passing a bottle of Diet Coke). The boys were so excited to play with their second cousins, and between Adrie and Uncle Brad, they were 200% content the entire time we were in Oregon. :) 

Quinn chilled with Mary in this rather unusual position for a good while, scratching the fabric with her little fingers and not acting the least bit uncomfortable. :) 

Our Thanksgiving family shot! Nice eyes, T! 

Natalie's bridal shower with just family was the best shower I've ever been to. We sewed little sequin ornaments for Nat's new advent calendar, ate the most amazing Belguim waffles, and took turns sharing meaningful advice around the table. I so wish I had recorded those precious minutes of the women I admire most in the world sharing their thoughts about marriage and life.

I thought the homemade photobooth was way too fun. I'd like to recruit Joshua and Mallory to create this for all of my future events. :) 

Only missing Corey! 

The drive to and from Portland was a bit hard with Quinn (A week later, she still arches her back and squawks whenever she sees her carseat), but almost every other moment went off without a hitch. The boys are a great age for travel (much less stressful than they used to be!), and we had a blast in the hotel—especially the continental breakfast every morning and the pool!  

Thanks to all our family for feeding us and helping us with the kids! 


  1. You got some great shots of the weekend! That was so much fun. I miss being with family all the time! (And especially your cute kiddos.) Love you!

  2. Great pictures! Such a fun time. Thanks for making the trip!!! XOX

  3. Take me back! What a glorious trip that was. I uber-loved chillin with your kids.