Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Homestead Crater

A couple days after Christmas (see post below this one), we went with Kyle to the Homestead crater hot springs in Midway. This is a must-do in Utah! If there are three things I love, it's being somewhere beautiful, being with people I love, and being warm. So this fit the bill perfectly.

You need a reservation, which is nice because it keeps the water from being crowded. The water temp is consistent and not too hot, and everyone has to wear a life jacket, so it was actually a great place for kids. The only casualty was Trenton's snorkel, which sunk much too deep for any of us to reach, despite Kyle's efforts to catch it after *I* dropped it! (I owe T a snorkel! Sorry, Santa!)

At first Quinn was hilariously stoic, which is unusual for her. (The lifejacket pushed her chubby cheeks up just like a squirrel. :) But after a little while in the water she mellowed out, leaned back, and spent most of the time splashing contentedly with her arms and legs.

T was a PRO, zipping around with his green mask and snorkel from Santa! And Chase was happy trying out the goggles and relaxing with the pool noodle we found.

We were especially glad to have an extra set of adult hands when it came time to get everyone out of the water and dressed again before going back out into the snowy world. :) It was so fun having Kyle there, and we didn't mind trying out his new GoPro either!

Next time we'll just have to plan it so the entire family can come along! 

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  1. We're DOING this in June/July. Looks like a blast!