Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrating Nine Years

On Saturday Ryan and I stole away for a couple of hours while our dear friend (and longtime babysitter) Marisol watched the kids. We ate dinner outdoors at the Half Moon Bay Brewing House (no brew for us :), and we walked around a bit, finding a boat washed up on the shore after last week's huge storm. We played around with the camera, and we talked about our vision for our family and for ourselves. 

We haven't made a big deal of all of our anniversaries, but we recently heard that a relationship (especially one you work hard for!) deserves to be celebrated, so we're celebrating! I want our kids to see that too. Happy nine years to the man who gives me tons of room to be me! 

Now back to the packing! 

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  1. You two are the perfect pair. So ideal for each other in so many ways! I'm happy for you that you got out to celebrate. Sounds like fun! And it makes me want to do something special for our anniversary coming soon! Love you guys!