Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom told me this morning she heard on the Today Show that South Bend could expect a foot of snow today, which I could hardly believe, but so far we've gotten a few inches--our first snowfall of the year!

We felt a bit like an island out here in Indiana this year for Thanksgiving, and we missed our families and traditions so much! But I have to say I spent a good part of the day on the phone talking to my sisters, brother, and mom, so we certainly made the best of it!

Ryan played football with the elders quorum this morning, and then we ate lunch at a dining hall on Notre Dame's campus. They invited all the graduate students and really put on a nice meal--real turkey, real potatoes, a chocolate fountain, pie, etc. It still tasted a bit like you'd expect at a cafeteria, but all in all, it was really good and so nice of them to provide it for us.

Then we had a LOVELY Thanksgiving Day nap and finished making the pumpkin cheesecake for our pie night tonight. We invited a bunch of young couples from the ward over, and everyone brought a pie to share. It was fabulous! It's so fun to just chat with people we relate to...aside from the no-kids-yet thing. :)

The kids were elated about the snow on our balcony, and the parents were loving that they could just watch the kids play through the glass--none of us actually had to stand out there in the freezing temperatures. It's amazing how kids aren't even fazed by it, even when they've got a handful of snow and a wet head! (Don't call CPS - we didn't leave them out there for long!)

Since I didn't get to participate in my family's tradition of going around the table to say what we're grateful for, Ryan and I did it with just each other. He's never seen it done at the Williams house, so he's still a beginner. :) We have so much to be grateful for this year...maybe I'll have to make that a blog of it's own. Love to all, and happy thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, yay! I bet your party was so fantastic! Those kids are funny...and don't worry, I won't call CPS on you. :)

    I can't BELIEVE Ryan's never had Thanksgiving with us! That's sad. I missed you guys! Oh well, next year! I love you!

  2. Good for you to invite people over! We have found over the years few people REALLY host and invite...they just talk about it. Doing is quite another thing, and being a host(ess) comes with practice and everyone loves it...
    We're already talking T-day in Oregon next year...want to come? We're staying home next year for both T-day and Christmas. This has been a year of travel for us! Love hearing about your doings, though.

  3. Sorry for bringing a depressing hour to your Thanksgiving! You cheered me up, but in retrospect, I probably compounded your feeling of island-ness. That's what sisters are for though, right?!

    Props to you for having a pie night! What a cute idea! XOX!

  4. Oh so fun! You are lucky you didn't have to cook, and you still got to enjoy some good food (not lasagne or something. My mom still talks about eating a turkey tv dinner and crying in the early years)... Pie night sounds FUN! Enjoy those kids, then send them home to keep their parents up all night while you snuggle in your nice, warm bed. So worth it.

  5. Hi guys! I discovered your blog when you guys posted on ours. I'm going to link yours to mine to I can check it all the time!