Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My List

Dear friends,

I'm sorry I haven't been the best blogger lately. Every night I go to bed and I ask myself, did anything happen to me today that I can blog about? And almost invariably, the answer is "no, not really." So since nothing that has happened to me lately merits its own blog, I'll try the brain dump idea coined by my cute cousins. Enjoy!

- Ryan's brother, Kyle, is coming to visit us this weekend. I've heard SO many stories about him that I feel like I really know him, but I don't. For anyone who doesn't know, he's been on a mission in Brazil for the last two years. (We did meet several times before he left, by the way) I think I'm a little nervous about it all because I kind of dreamed that he looked like a werewolf... I'm sure it will be fun, and I'm excited to get to know him in person!

- I love Ryan's family! They are all wonderful. We were so blessed to have been able to live in their Provo house for the first year and a half of our marriage. Having them come visit helped me feel like one of the family in no time at all, and I love that.

- I miss that house most when I'm dragging our laundry down to the car.

- This morning I accidentally called Rachie at 7 AM, Utah time. She was just getting ready for the day, and I am impressed that she works on campus every single day at 8 in the morning! Campus is definitely quieter at that time, especially in the winter. Go Rachel!

- I love all kids...which reminds me that I hope I'll get to see some of my old Primary kids when we visit Provo next month. My poor mother-in-law was called to take over teaching my class, which is definitely not the easiest (nor the smallest) class in that Primary. Julia, if they're getting crazy, just ask them to stand by their seats and sing "Holding Hands around the World." (My class and I made up the cutest actions ever to that song!)

- I am immensely excited about all the personal history work I have going on right now.

- Grandparents are the greatest, aren't they? Getting married means gaining two new sets of grandparents. What a great thing.

- Sometimes Ryan sounds exactly like his dad. :)

- I love cilantro. Mary called me the other day to ask about using cilantro in more of her recipes. How did those turn out, Mar?

- My newest cooking obsession is sandwiches. I like to try to make them as close to Subway as possible.

- I don't have a calling yet, and I am so grateful to have had the last couple of months to attend Relief Society. I feel renewed every week after listening to other women comment on what they're trying to do to make life better for themselves, their families, and everyone they meet.

I love lists! I'll have to keep doing this. Thanks to anyone who made it all the way through!


  1. I love lists too! This was a great one.

    I'm glad you love Ryan's family so much, that's really nice. Good luck with Kyle! I think I'd be scared too.

    Will you make me a sandwich? Please?

    Miss you!

  2. Brain dumps are the greatest.

    And surely, something, even something small, happens every day you could tell us about. Like today I waited 3 hours at the doctor. Grrrrr. ;)

  3. From here on out, everyone shall owe me 2 cents per utterance of the phrase "brain dump." Deal?

    But in all reality, I like these mini-update lists. They're fun. And surprisingly easy to write. I'm glad you jumped on the wagon!

  4. Uh... Not so great. Somehow, I just don't get it. After already fiddling with a million different things that you have to do to get dinner on the table for 5 people, the cute and tasty garnish gets the ax.

    I'm glad you blogged. :) I LOVE hearing updates from my lovely sisters! (Including doubley cousin sisters!)

  5. Next time, 2 cents, Nat. It's a deal. I tried to give you some credit for the phrase, but I wasn't actually sure which cute cousin coined it. :) Now I know...

  6. Oh I'm just kidding! Now I sound like a brat. Wink.

    Don't worry--I hereby declare the phrase "brain dump" FREE OF CHARGE. Available to the public! Shared knowledge! Like a Wiki. Or Air. No one really owns it... it just exists.

  7. Want to know the ingredients in any subway sandwiches?? I'm your lady.