Sunday, January 20, 2008

-1 Degrees

This morning when we hopped in the car to go to church at 8:45, the thermometer read -1 degree. By the time we got to church 15 minutes later, it had warmed up (wa-who!) to zero degrees. And with 55 percent humidity and a wind chill factor of who-knows-what...the bishop called the few on-time ward members the "frozen chosen." :)

My question is this: Why would anyone want to live somewhere this cold? Haven't they ever been to Phoenix in the winter?? Or California? I just keep thinking that if I were a pioneer and had thousands of miles to go pulling a handcart, then yes, I'd probably settle for a cold climate. But that is THE ONLY reason! Really now, people have choices these days!

If you ask me, the cost of living in a warmer climate is infinitely worth it.

*Please excuse the rantings and ravings of a native Arizonian.
**The picture (which I was hoping would soften up my bitter tone) was taken at the Provo house, right next to the beautiful mountains.


  1. Whoa, you & Ryan are the FROZEN CHOSEN!!! Good words. Hang in there. Spring has to come eventually and then it will be extra wonderful and appreciated! XOX

  2. I agree! I love warm weather. Winter is depressing! I would rather suffer through a boiling summer any day just to live through the nice winters of Arizona! Well, at least that's what I think right now, in the middle of winter...

  3. Hahaha I love this.

    After spending Christmas in AZ I'm seriously rethinking where to settle down when I grow up. It's just so NICE!

  4. Erica~I totally agree with you...I hate the cold and miss the warm Arizona winters!! It's been cold and rainy in California all week and it makes me depressed!! I can't even imagine how cold -1 is!! I miss you! It looks like you and Ryan are having fun inspite of the frigid weather! Keep in touch! Love ya girl!