Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Watch out for flying objects

For Christmas, Santa brought Ryan and Kyle little motorized helicopters.

Last night, I dreamed that Ryan was flying that buzzing thing straight at me, and I, apparently, was NOT happy about it. In an attempt to deflect it, I (literally) threw my pillow with all my might and started yelling at Ryan.

The poor guy sleeping next to me didn't even have a chance.

(Good thing he's used to this by now!)


  1. Hahahha! How are you so crazy when you sleep talk!?

  2. Hope R. is understanding...must need to vent...happy you can laugh about it! XOX

  3. You have the funniest sleep stories! Haha I love it!

  4. And last night I yelled at him to go eat peanut butter. Ha! (I use the word "yelled" lightly. I wasn't really screaming, but I wasn't exactly nice.)

  5. I think Corey and I have an unspoken rule that says we can't get mad at each other for anything that happens when we're sleeping. We can't help it! I just hope Corey know's about our rule! He throws elbows! A buzzing helicopter flying at you would really deserve a pillow throw so I'm sure Ryan understood! Even if it didn't really happen!