Sunday, May 24, 2009

The World is Trenton's Sandbox

Trenton has been having all kinds of fun lately. He took his first "swim" in the pool, (only up too his waist because it wasn't warm enough yet), enjoyed sitting in some puddles at a park with water features, and most of all, learned to play with other kids! The other day my friends Amber and Katie came over with their babies, who are close to Trenton's age. We moms chatted and let the babies do their thing. Before long all three had found their way to Trenton's bedroom and played in there for a while without incident! You'd think they were big kids or something!

The three buds.

I have no idea who these little girls are, but they sweetly took a liking to Trenton.

After enjoying the water features of the park, it was time to strip Baby T down and exchange his soggy clothes (not to mention diaper!) for some dry ones. Don't be deceived by how still he is in this picture; it is an aerobic workout to change our boy's diaper or clothing.

Trenton and Daddy bonding at the pool.

Well, Trenton continues to be a marvelous eater, as you can probably tell. Random people ask me all the time if my husband is fat, believe it or not. My baby was just born to eat! I know it won't last forever, but for now he is amazingly undiscerning and will eat anything we put on his tray.

It's insane how much we love and adore this baby!


  1. I love him too! I love that picture of him and Ryan in the pool. He's a little chubster!

  2. People ask if your husband is fat??? hahahahahahahaha, I love it!
    P.S. The ONLY reason I bathe Olivia every day is because you should see the morning hair this girl wakes up with. I would just wash her hair, but she protests. LOUDLY. Plus, she absolutely loves taking a bath and it keeps her occupied. Since she only takes 1 nap a day, we need as much occupation as we can get. :) So, no! You're not a bad mom!

  3. Is Baby T pulling up on things or are you posing him?! Really, chub = major muscle cuz otherwise, they'd never be mobile! So really, he's just creating a fabulous foundation for a healthy life. :)

  4. We miss all THREE of you!!! Trenton is adorable. You have a great way with words! It's true--parents LOVE their children!!! XOX

  5. So so so cute! Trenton is adorable! How fun!