Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am so ridiculously excited...

About this!
Trenton's room finally has something hanging on the walls. I think you're supposed to do that when you're expecting and filled with anticipation for your child's birth. I'm about 11 months behind. But I absolutely love these classic white frames and gorgeous photographs. (Sorry my photo of them didn't turn out so well, though!)

I'm a minimalist when it comes to two things: decorating and collecting stuff. I LOVE the feeling of giving things away. Having extra things to clean and store just weighs you down. One of my great loves in life is watching organization expert Peter Walsh de-clutter people's homes. Go go go!

And when it comes to decorating, I say less is more. If I'm not in love with something, it is not going on my walls. I'd rather have blank walls than walls filled with the wrong stuff! And if I do say so myself, our beautiful boy is the perfect image to fill our walls!

PS. This is Trenton's scowl. It cracks us up.


  1. yesss. love the white on white and the colored pictures really stand out. my favorite color is white. looks like it might be one of your favorites too. nicely done!

  2. I think it looks really classy. Good job. My baby is 2 and a half, and she still has a bear/basketball/Barnyard Buddies room! Yikes! So I agree - less is more.

  3. Very cute! I still don't have stuff on Madeline's walls. Maybe I should get to it...

  4. Lalalalalalove the look of his room! Those frames are perfect for the pictures!! So darling!