Thursday, November 19, 2009


Gotta love those moments when someone catches you speaking motherese to your child. I'll be putting Trenton in the car, saying something in a singsong voice like, "Oh, you are so handsome!" or "I'm going to give you kisses and cuddles and loves all day long!" when along comes some random neighbor.

Oh well, at least I know toddler-Trenton has a healthy self-concept! ...Albeit occasionally at the sacrifice of his mother's dignity!

BTW, I'm not talking about baby talk (like dropping out parts of speech just to sound cute); I'm talking about motherese, which actually helps in a child's language development.


  1. I know all about motherese! You're such a good mom. Trenton is a lucky boy.

  2. Coochie coo!!! That's funny. Gotta love those moments. I've never heard of this motherese business! Makes sense though. You ARE such a good mom!