Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Big Helper

Trenton has adjusted well by now to having a little brother. He loves Chase, and anytime Chase is within his reach, he runs to him saying, "Cha-ase!" I sometimes use pillows to hide Chase on the bed while I get ready in the mornings, which buys me a few minutes until Chase makes a noise and Trenton goes running to climb the bed, singing his endearing little "Cha-ase!" as he runs to find his brother.

He gives Chase hugs by putting his head next to Chase's. He loves to help me burp Chase by (vigorously) patting Chase's back. He also likes to feed Chase bottles, but he refuses my help and isn't quite steady enough (or patient enough!) to keep the bottle in Chase's mouth. :)

He excitedly runs Chase's diapers to the trash can and bashes in the praise he gets from Mom after doing so.

He still whops Chase on the head occasionally, but just when Chase is getting all the attention and he wants some. Chase is definitely going to be a tough little brother.

Thanks for being Mama's big helper, Trenton!


  1. What a cute family you have!! I love all of those little things that Trenton does to help. I love to see little ones light up when they're praised and figure out that they want to do that thing more to continue receiving it!

  2. Oh, funny. Well, somehow we all survived older siblings (well, I didn't). Just look at Mallory - she had the firecracker Kendall all over her, and she is the most easygoing and fun girl ever. Good luck ;)

  3. So cute! I wish I could hear him say "Cha-ase"!

  4. I have ingrained in my head the expression on Chase's face the first time I saw Trenton give him a good whop! It was this look of confusion, bewilderment and astonishment. You could see the wheels-a-turnin. "He's gonna get his someday!"