Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is how the boys were chillin' this morning. I asked Trenton if he liked relaxing with Chase, and he exclaimed "Hair!" He actually seemed to like having Chase play with his hair. Poor Chase was trying so hard to get it into his mouth, but it kept slipping through his fingers. Better luck next time, kiddo!

Sometimes I think the only thing I do is monitor the distance between these two. Trenton likes to be VERY close to Chase. If it were up to Trenton, he would spend his days standing on Chase, sitting on Chase, holding Chase, hugging Chase, or ignoring him altogether! It's all or none with that boy! Trenton means well; he's just so little that the concept of personal space is still foreign to him. :)

Here's some more "togetherness":

Chase wasn't a big fan of this idea, but Trenton thought it was hilarious.


Fresh out of the bath Trenton darted away before I could even get him diapered. Anything Chase does, Trenton has to do too. Even if it's just lying on his stomach on the bed, it's way more exciting if Chase is doing it too!


  1. They are both getting so big and they are both extremely adorable! How fun to be brothers and to be so close in age :)

  2. Trenton is so cute! I love that he's such an involved older brother.

  3. Trenton might not grow out of the personal space thing, it tends to run in the family, at least my mother launa and i all still love to snuggle or be right on top of each other any chance we get.

  4. ILOVETHOSEBOYS! So cute. 4 more days until I get to see them in action and finally meet little Chase!

  5. I'm happy that Rachee gets to come for a visit. Wish I were, too! XOX

  6. Trenton looks so tall! So cute!