Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ryan's Century Ride

Ryan rode his fourth century ride (100 miles) this weekend! He actually did more like 110 miles with a couple little detours they accidentally took. :) He did it with a team of about 15 other guys from Ernst & Young. The firm even made them jerseys for it, which was fun.

They started in San Francisco, rode across the Golden Gate Bridge, north through Point Reyes National Park, and finished the race in a town called Ronhert Park. It was a hot day (mid-90s) to spend on a bike, and at one point, Ryan tells me he was riding alongside an open reservoir and was so hot that he just parked his bike, took off his shoes, and dove in. Twice. The he hopped back on that bike and rode another 40 miles. That cracks me up because it's SO Ryan. That boy has never met a body of water he didn't feel compelled to jump into.

The boys and I drove a couple hours up north to meet him at the finish line. They did great! Trenton didn't quite "get it" at Ryan's triathalon in July, but this year he understood that we were there to cheer Daddy on. He kept pointing to every man on a bike, saying, "Yay Daddy!" in a sweet little high-pitched voice. He loved to clap for all the finishers, even if no one but me was noticing. :)

Sailing through that finish line.

Daddy's biggest fan.

His second biggest fan.

Oh wait, maybe I'M his biggest fan! Guess it's a tie... (Gotta love Trenton's face in this picture. So cooperative. :)

Like I always say, Nielsens have grit. Go Ryan!


  1. great job, Ryan! Ethan would love to do some races...

  2. Wow! Seriously impressive! You and the boys make a cute little cheering squad. :)

  3. That's cute. You got a nice big smile from Chase in the last one. :)

  4. That's great! Your boys are such cute cheerleaders. Why is Chase so adorable in that picture with you? And I like Trenton's spiked hair!

    Ryan is tough. Way to go!

  5. GOOOOOOOOOOOO RYAN!!! That's amazing! I can't imagine riding SO far. And brave of you, Erica to go on a road trip alone w/ two youngsters! Nielsens have GRIT!

  6. Wow, go Ryan! That is pretty awesome! Cute pictures with you and the kids!

  7. Way to go, Ryan!!! That is fantastic!! You have a handsome family cheering you on!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad he survived! Good job Ryan!