Saturday, October 9, 2010


Introducing you to a place that is special to us. We call it Sticks.

At the end of this private drive is a turn-around. It's our personal backyard—a place where a certain two-year-old can wield big sticks without running into anything (or anyone). That's why we call the whole area Sticks, because that's what Trenton calls it. :)

Can you see Trenton and his dad atop the hill? To the left of this picture is a big meadow that overlooks the whole city...

When Dad's with us, we like to explore.

When it's just Mom and the boys, we tend to stick closer to the pavement, just pushing around pebbles with sticks (pseudo hockey), running fast from one side to the other, or dropping twigs down the sewer grate. :) It's a fantastic place for a boy to be a boy, and since it's not time for us to have a yard yet, I'm all the more grateful for this place that we call Sticks.


  1. Hey, I recognize that place! So glad you have open land near you for boys to be boys. Soon they'll both be riding their bikes down the hill. Yikes!

  2. YOU are a writer, Erica! You have your own Roxaboxen. Remember that book? XOX

  3. I'm proud to say that I've visited sticks! I'm sure Trenton has a blast when his dad goes with him to explore. Such a boy thing to do!

    p.s. I loooved Roxaboxen when I was little.

  4. What a gorgeous view! It's nice that you have a big open place for him to play! Are you like me and just DYING for a yard?