Monday, May 16, 2011

All About Chase

I bought this tool set for Trenton (before Chase came along), thinking he would love it. He likes it, but it turns out it's Chase who loves it. He can sit for fairly long stretches of time, trying to get screws into wholes and the bits onto the drill.

A few other things about our Chasers...

I would describe him as generally happy and mellow, but also fairly easily set off. He's more sensitive than I remember Trenton being, so sometimes it feels like he cries if you just look at him wrong. But with that sensitivity comes more snuggles! If he is at all tired and I hold out my arms, he'll come running and just collapse into me and start nuzzling me.

Just like his brother, he loves to explore. He often shows his disagreement when we come back to the house after a fun outing! He will climb ANYthing. He likes electrical outlets, particularly the plate. He likes to try to get the plate off the wall, so I have to watch him closely at church and in the hallway of our complex!

My boys are great eaters, so no complaints there. He wasn't the all-time easiest baby to sleep train, but certainly not the worst! He goes to bed now around 7pm and wakes up between 6 and 6:30am. He's a little finicky about his naps, but as long as he goes down before he is overtired, he does all right. He loves the bath and can almost climb into the tub all by himself (oh great). He gets VERY eager (frantic) as soon as I start running the water.

Sometimes I am eager for him to grow just so he and Trenton can play more together (and so there is a little less crying/screaming in my life...). But then I look at those thick baby thighs and remind myself that I will miss those—desperately! I love you, Chase!


  1. When did Chase get so big! Your boys are sure handsome.

  2. Chase is such a cutie! I seriously can't imagine him having the coordination to try and put screws into holes or bits onto a drill. To me I just imagine as that cute snuggly little baby I last saw him as! I can't wait to see how much both of those cute boys have grown.

    And I love that you're passionate and encouraging about both of their sense of're a great mom to them. Their lucky to have you! Love you!

  3. Fun to hear about his sweet little personality. What a sweetie! Good job remember to savor each stage of their lives. Too soon they're graduating pre-school! (Madilyn. Sniff, sniff!)

  4. How I enjoy hearing your stories! Chase has grown so quickly from my distant vantage point.He's a handsome boy. Remembering you at that age makes me smile. Corey & Mary would ask in amazement, "Did you act like this with us?" Oh, the joy of parenting!