Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The tamest three nights anyone has ever spent in Hollywood :)

The boys and I joined Ryan on a quick business trip in L.A. this week. The boys behaved gloriously the entire trip, even on considerably less sleep and with irregular naps. Trenton loved the hotel (which at first he called "our white home"), although I probably loved it even more. No cooking or cleaning? Sign me up! It was located right next to a large outdoor mall and the Walk of Fame (you know, the stars in the sidewalk) on Hollywood Boulevard. Our location rocked because it was easy to kill time when we needed to, while Ryan was working. The boys and I made several trips to this outdoor fountain.

At night, it turns into a light show.

Admiring the fountain for our fourth(?) time :)
The view of West Hollywood from our room on the 10th floor.

Monday morning when the boys woke up at 6:50, we threw on swimsuits and headed straight for the gorgeous (and fantastically warm) hotel pool. It was the perfect start to our day.

Then we came back and got ready for the day. Who could resist snuggling this chubby baby in clean white linens?

We took T on a few rides at the Santa Monica Pier and spent a fantastic afternoon building sand castles. I love Trenton's blossoming creativity!

This shot of T cracks me up. The sunglasses, the hat, the intent look on his face...Oh I love that boy.

And Chase—could the boy have gotten any dirtier? Doubtful. This picture was taken before he rolled his sunscreen covered head in the sand. I love this little guy too.

The boys and I also spent an entire day at my dear friend Amber's house. My boys played so well with her girls, and I loved every minute of catching up with my cute friend. (Thanks again, Amber!)

It was the fantastic trip. Three nights in a hotel was long enough to be refreshing without starting to drag on. It feels like now that I've blogged about it, it's officially over. Too bad, huh? I guess I better go unpack!


  1. What a fun little getaway! Your pictures are making me miss california. And Trenton is looking pretty stylish! :)

  2. Oh, how fun! I love the pictures- looks like you had a great time!

  3. Less than two week!

    Looks like a fun family trip. Trenton looks so cute in his hat and sunglasses playing in the sand!

  4. Wow, sounds like a blast! Glad you got to have a little adventure. The boys are adorable and you're looking hot as ever! XOX!

  5. What lucky kids...all four of have such an adventure!

  6. Ah the memories. Love Santa Monica pier. Hollywood, not so much. But that fountain sure looks fun.