Sunday, July 3, 2011


We spent Friday night at a hotel in San Rafael (about a half an hour north of San Francisco) just for fun. Ryan is traveling more this year... At least hotel points kind of, sort of make up for it! :) We spent three hours in and around the pool Friday evening. Considering we have two busy toddlers who can't yet swim, it was still surprisingly relaxing. We even ordered a pina colada poolside. I love nights like those!

You can imagine how much they loved that fountain. (And no hotel personnel shooed them away!)

Chase clearly was not into the picture taking thing, and I feel kind of dumb posting this one, but it gives the best picture of where we spent our fun night.

This guy was so excited about his floaties! (Not that they made him fearless, by any means, but still excited)

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  1. Sure glad you could go. Ryan works hard and so do YOU! It's nice to take mini-vacations! XOX