Wednesday, August 10, 2011


One of the many things I took away from last week's events surrounding the passing of my grandma was how peaceful and personal their living spaces were. They filled walls, bookcases, china hutches—practically any space would do!—with items that each had a story. Their fridge is full of family photos, and the house showcases souvenirs they've brought home from extensive travel abroad. My home feels like a sterile (albeit often messy) hotel compared to theirs! But slowly we're turning it into a place that reflects what is important to us and that I hope conveys a similar spirit to my grandparents' homes.

New picture ledges and family photos above the couch. That "N" floats all around the house.

I can't stop myself from buying (or picking) flowers several times a month. When they cost about 6 bucks at Trader Joe's or the farmers' market, why not? And even when the house is in a state of chaos I can scarcely control, I have these beauties to remind me it won't always be this way.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your Grandma.

    I love that you buy flowers a lot! I wait around for Ethan to give them to me, but I should just go buy them myself!

  2. You're right about G&G's living space. It's so well thought out and just filled with beauty and love. What at great project to sink your teeth into during this time.

  3. I love the shelves! They look beautiful. And if flowers were that cheap I'd be buying them all the time too!

  4. The shelves look SO great! We have a W that floats around the house :)

    And I Iove fresh flowers, too. Don't they just make you happy? Whenever I visit my sister-in-laws house, she always has fresh flowers in the guest room, It has a happy, welcoming feel. What a great legacy your grandma has left.

  5. Love the new shelves and the red roses! I too, love fresh flowers round he house. It is hard to do my Costco shopping without passing up the flower stand. I have a letter A that moves around my house too!

  6. Now I want a floating "C"!

    Love the shelf. Pictures of loved ones are the greatest decor ever!