Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Midnight, Baby!

A few nights ago Ryan let our sweet, stubborn sleeper out of his crib at midnight. (I say "stubborn" because he can sleep 11-12 hours at night; he just still decides to wake up a random times when it strikes his fancy. Someday it will stick! Or so I tell myself.) I was in bed but heard some crying, followed by his signature sound, "AH!" There was no way he was saying "AH!" while alone in the crib, so I went out to investigate. I found Ryan making him a bottle, and this little cutie reaching eagerly for it. Although I may have given my sweet husband an earful for letting Chase have fun in the middle of the night, I still want to remember how adorable it was. What's better than a baby in footy pajamas, holding a blanket, reaching for a bottle?

Daddy is busted!


  1. Uh oh--busted, indeed!

  2. Charlie and Chase would make good company. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get a good night's sleep! It seems like one of the kids is waking up for a random reason at least once a night! Good luck :)