Saturday, September 3, 2011


Maybe this will be the season I finally learn to like the sport my husband loves! Well, it might take more than one season to get to that point, but I do like the college football atmosphere, whether it's in a stadium or watching it at home with two super hyped-up boys and some game-day food.

We talked BYU football up so much with Trenton that he was stoked when the game finally came on. And Chase—he took a cue from the rest of us and clapped his hands and rolled around in sheer excitement for at least the first 15 minutes of the game (which is about how long both of them lasted actually watching, haha).

Don't worry, Notre Dame friends, we kept tabs on the fighting Irish too!

By the way, I think I do like football; I'd just like it a lot more if games were shorter!


  1. Haha, yes! I like to watch the second half or last quarter.

  2. I like it when there's something different happening, other than a bunch of men falling on each other play after play after play...

  3. Wow, and I like it when your team wins! Cute BYU shirts on the boys!What about the dad's shirt? xix

  4. Definitely college football season over here too. That's about how long my kids last in front of the game too -- maybe a bit longer for the 4-year-old.

  5. Hey Erica. Just replying to your comment: we live around the 60 and the 101. Thoughts as a Tempe native?
    (Also I totally agree with you about wishing the football games were shorter... they would be so much more enjoyable.)