Tuesday, September 13, 2011

T Takes on Academia

Today was a big day in the Nielsen house—T's first day of preschool!

He's going to a little preschool at local Lutheran church. There are only ten students with four amazingly sweet teachers, and it only costs 100 bucks a semester—unheard of around here! (Although part of that is due to the fact that it is only four hours a week... :) The school only accepts children born in even years (which both my boys were born in), because the whole class of ten kids stays there for two years before moving on to kindergarten.

T was so excited and proud that he actually stood still and let me snap some pictures! And Chase seriously thought he was going to preschool too. He kept saying "cheeeeese" during our photo op at home, and then when we were at the school, he dead-legged me to get out of my arms and was perfectly happy wandering around exploring the classroom. Trenton, on the other hand, told me he was "a little afraid" all the sudden and chose to "roar" and hide behind me instead of talking to the teachers. Great social skills, right?? But that only lasted a minute—until they told him they were going to PAINT today. Then he got all chatty and excited and actually told me, "I'm kinda ready for you to leave." Ha! Oh how I love that boy. He spells everything out for me.

Notice Chase, the wanna-be preschooler :) He could not figure out why he was stuck leaving with me a little while later.

T and his best buddy, Colton. This is going to be a wonderful home-away-from-home for Trenton!


  1. How cute that he let you take pictures of him! He probably spells things out for you so clearly partly because you are so good at spelling things out for him in the first place! You're a great mom.

    I love that Chase thought he was going to preschool too. What a cutie.

  2. Looks like a nice place. I'm glad he's in a small class and can learn those important socialization skills of cooperation, following directions, and helping clean up! Way to go!

  3. I cannot believe how little-boy-like T is looking! Just in the last few months since he was here, I feel like he suddenly sprouted. Chase, too - that boy's personality just seems to ooze through pictures. What a lucky mom you are! (and the preschool looks fabulous, bytheway.)

  4. I cannot believe how cute Trenton looks in these photos--vulnerable yet excited about starting something new. I am glad that preschool is going well so far. I can also tell that Chase will be very excited by the time his turn is here!

  5. I can't believe T is old enough for preschool. I remember when he was born!