Friday, October 19, 2012

Grandparents in Town!

My parents are here right now, Thursday to Saturday. It's wonderful to have them. As a mother, it is so refreshing to have grandparents in town to share the kids with!

We drove through the fog to take the boys to this pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. This place gets nuts in the afternoons, especially as Halloween approaches, but we had it all to ourselves first thing this morning!

Other highlights:

Chase running out to my perhaps sleeping parents at 6:30am, practically yelling, "Hi Grandpa! I'm all done with my nap!" (The kid has only one volume, and it always seems extra loud when he switches it on before 7am!) Then I got to listen to him giggling away with Grandpa out front while I lounged in bed for an extra twenty minutes. Thanks, Dad!

Trenton's utter enthusiasm at helping my dad with fix-it projects around the house! Big bonus: We now have a working DVD player, properly flushing toilet, and smoothly sliding closet doors!

TWO ipads in this house! At least for the few days my parents were here. The boys were big fans. :)

Chase saying a second prayer at every meal because he really seemed to like having everyone in rapt attention.

Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad!


  1. Haha so cute. I can just imagine Chase saying a second prayer. Wish I could be there!

    And I can't imagine life without grandparents around! I'm always dying to show mom and dad the newest thing Sierra's doing and I always know they'll think its just as amazing as I do (almost). You are brave being out there without family to share those kids with! But that makes vacations and get-togethers like this all the more sweet, I'm sure! Have fun!

    p.s. Why does Chase wake up at 6:30? That is lame! I really hope that's not Sierra some day! I can hardly handle anything before 7. Little stinker.

  2. What a pleasure to enjoy your welcoming home and beautiful family! Love, Mom

  3. Lucky kids! (And mom!) What a perfect little distraction from everyday life. They whip in & whip out leaving behind a feeling of peace, don't they?! Love those people. :)