Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Late June / Early July in Utah

We spent a fantastic five nights in Utah with both our sets of parents. (Ten nights total!) I wish I could post every picture I took, but for the sake of time (which is a luxury for me these days), here's what I can manage! :) 

I was nervous for a minute there when the flight attendants said they had no microwave and no access to warm water, because this little princess likes her bottles juuuust right, but luckily, she managed with a room temp bottle and was lulled right to sleep at takeoff. Thanks, Quinn!

Minds officially blown by being so close to the plane! The Provo "airport" is awesome. 

As you'll see below, I got a picture of Quinn with all four of her grandparents! The only one she had met before was my mom. 

The Provo rec center is amazing! Nothing in the Bay area is that new and nice. (It'd be too expensive to build!) 

So sweet. 

Sierra always liked to join the party on my mom's lap. Love it!! 

This might just be one of my favorite pictures of my dad ever.

I love that Talia so much. The only thing is that she is just more mature and beautiful every time I see her, which means I am older too! No good! Also, Cowabunga Bay (you can see it from the I15) is amazing! It has a great area for younger kids, a fun lazy river, and some crazy creative slides for the older kids and adults. (It is possible that I am easily wowed. :) 

Although this is just a small sampling, I cannot express how much it warms my heart to see my kids with their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and COUSINS. I barely saw the boys for five days straight because they were having a blast with their cousins! :) When we were driving to the airport to go home, Trenton got all teary about missing Landen. It's rare for him to express such genuine sadness! I'm so grateful that the boys' older cousins are so kind and inclusive of them. What great examples they have! 

Other highlights included the new Superman movie, the Williams family reunion, a tour of the sweet factory in SLC, a trip to Wheeler Farm, a swim in Grandpa Wood's pool (loved that!), and fun times for the kids in my parents' jacuzzi. Clearly, lots of water time to beat the Utah heat! 

A huge thank you to our parents, as usual, for feeding us, babysitting our kids, entertaining us, and just being the all-around best family we could ask for! 


  1. This makes me miss our vacation together! So many nice things to say about it.

    I'm so happy that the cousins all got along, and that melts my heart that Trenton was so sad to leave Landen! So cute.

    I love that picture of Dad and Quinn. And sorry Sierra was always stealing the Quinn/Grandma time! Haha.

    We had a lot of fun, didn't we? Miss you!

  2. Ohhhh! This takes me back to the happiest part of this summer. I love that time that our families get to spend together. It's a treasure for adults & kids alike. I especially loved getting to meet sweet Quinn. And your boys were so big and sweet! I love your family. XOX!