Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm guessing I'll add more pictures to this Halloween collection before the week is over, but here are our festivities so far. After a rough week, I took the kids on a walk/ride over to Piazza's just to look at the pumpkins. It was a sweet hour of our week that just really reminded me what matters. I love these kids more than I can say. 

Next up, the ward Halloween party! The boys were avengers, and Quinn was our Cinderella. Appropriately, Quinn lost one her little silver shoes at the party. True Cinderella style!

Seriously, her cuteness in that outfit was killing me! Thank you, Mom, for giving it to us! I wish she could stay 7 months old forever and wear this year after year! 

The princess and her two heroes! (Chase's picture face is really awesome lately! haha) Happy Halloween! 


  1. What a treat to read your posts from many miles away! You are beautiful! Your writing is amazing! Your family priceless!! XOX

  2. Quinn's face is so darling in that one of the two of you! I love those chunky cheeks. Looks like a fun Halloween for all!